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Graphic design and formatting

Graphic design and formatting means creation of materials for printing production or typesets. Usually the product of this job is a hard copy. Our printing house offers designing services and qualitative preprint for production – scanning, image processing, colour correction, formatting and other stages of graphic arts necessary for preparing before printing. We know how to make the best qualities of your service or goods to be shown and how to attract consumer attention to them.

Graphic design and formattingOur designers create bright and unforgettable images as well as do correct formatting for all production of printing and advertising. A graphic designer uses methods from visual arts, printing formatting, typesetting and others to achieve the goal. Formatting is done by a designer or a maker-up.

Design and typesetting – catalogues, brochures, calendars, booklets, business cards etc. Creating of logotype and typesetting for printed materials. We offer to create a set for company’s style as well as design for separate printing production. 

Designing for printing

Designing in printing means graphical typesetting regarding the client’s demands and technical requirements for manufacturing printing production. We do design regarding all the technical requirements. 


Typesetting in printing and publishing is creating of pages by laying out graphical elements and text. Typesetting is laying out composing elements. It is typesetting of all edition or just a component of it – column, spread, illustration, cover etc. 

Our professionals will create a layout of text, graphics and images on a printing production so the best qualities of your goods or services are underlined. Successful formatting and typesetting is important to convey and perceive information correctly. We do typesetting regarding technical requirements as well as literal and artistic standards. We do qualitative typesetting of printing production – magazines, newspapers, brochures, textbooks, books and calendars as well as other printing production.

Typesetting is an example confirmed by a customer for formatting and assembling of publication columns with layout of columns on printing sheet.


Scanning of originals, photos, drawings, printed materials etc. on flat surface.

Photo processing

Colour correction, technical and artistic retouch, photomontage.

Mock-up and design development costs consist of:

1. The collection of information about the company/profession/area/product;
2. Development of ideas, design, sketches, and visual design establishment;

3. Process of mock-up and design development is connected work, therefore, in this stage design is being developed - text, images and other graphic elements are adjusted to required size according to bleeds, crop marks and other requirements that are important to create a valid file (any printing product, web materials or logo). Usually, we develop 2-3 mock-up variants.
4. Next step – mock-up’s alignment with the client, making of the necessary changes to the mock-up and re-alignment with the customer until the final approval is obtained.

More information about the mock-up and design development prices here >>>

We can create design for every printable production

Design's development for printing advertising products – booklets, brochures, flyers, business cards, envelopes, forms, notepads: from 40 EUR.

Design for business cards, envelopes, blanks: from 10 EUR.

Company’s style development includes: logo, business cards, envelopes, forms design: from 150 EUR.

Homepage development/ homepage design: from 300 EUR.

Layout development’s hourly rate - 20 EUR, hourly rate may vary depending on the workload.
For larger printing materials (books, catalogs, magazines, calendars) design development hourly rate is lower.


VAT is not included in the price.
Order design services by contacting us by e-mail: or call us: 27863280 to agree on the design.




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