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Brand book

brandbook printingThe brand book is book, which tells about united company’s style. Brand stimulates the recognition of the product or services provided by the organization. Creation of brand book is a final stage of united company's style development. It includes logos’s development, the design of business cards, folders and forms. Our professional designers will develop a unique design according to the field of work and the concept of the company, which will help to create a visual association with your organization.


Prices and types

Low complexity
Medium complexity
High complexity
Logo, colors, font; it is possible to offer minimal size, color variations (invert or one- color)
Logo (base variant,minimal size, protected field, logo usage on background), colors, font and business materials (business card, form, envelope);it is possible to offer a concept/idea , color differences and extra variations
Concept,visual identity basic, elements, bisiness materials (business card, form, envelope, e-mail signature if it  necessary, folders) and presentation materials (up to 3); it is possible to offer to structure the design of advertising/press materials (modular networks/compositions) or uniform, car design
Concept, visual identity basic elements, business materials, presentation materials (starting from  5) if necessary - area design, uniforms, eletronic design of promotional materials
1-2 pp.
5-10 pp.
10-25 pp.
more than 25 pp.
100-200 €
250-600 €
650-1500 €
1600-2500 €

The brand book’s components

Visual identity

  • Positioning
  • Concept

Visual identity basic elements

  • Logo
  • Base variant
  • Extra variant
  • Protected field
  • Minimal size
  • Logo’s usage on the background
  • Forbidden usage
  • Colors
  • Backgrounds, texts, elements, photos
  • Font

Business material

  • Business cards
  • Form
  • Envelope
  • Stamp
  • E-mail signatures
  • Folders
  • Compliment and congratulation cards, invitations
  • Presentation’s design

Area design

  • Signboard
  • References
  • Inscriptions, elements of interior
  • Press wall
  • Flags
  • Car design

Staff design/uniforms

  • Staff ID + setting
  • Uniform (shirts, neckerchiefs, jackets etc.)

Presentation materials

  • 3 types of carriers (by deformation type) - mugs, pens, keychains, T-shirts, umbrellas, hats, gift bags and boxes etc.

Electronic environmental guidelines

  • Social networks
  • Web banners
  • Web pages and applications
Advertising material, press
  • Design of models (modular network/composition) — posters, flyers, booklets, catalogues
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