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Logotype- logotype creation

The Logotype is one of the most important element of the businessman’s or company’s image. Logotype tells a customer about who you are, what kind and level business you have. Logotype enhances and promotes the company’s reputation and gives the opportunity to stand out among the competitors. The production of the logo is a creative process of work, which integral part is professional graphic design specialists. If necessary, we will create the whole corporate style for your company.

Logo design creation

The logo and logotype design creation are based on businessperson’s or company’s targets, corporate style and the scope of the entrepreneur. Logo should be simple, easy to use, universal, memorable and lasting. In this modern world, full of different type and style logos, create a distinctive, interesting and effective logo is very complicated. Our company’s designers, who are graphic design specialists, will create an effective, memorable logotype that is appropriate for your company’s strategic targets and values. 

Types of logos and prices

Small Medium Large
Easy level Medium level Hard level
Simple, textual logo. Economic, with lower standarts. Provide 2-5 variants. Client may come with some vision of logo, which is necessary to realize. Logo with an idea: text + symbol. Development of concept/ idea. Research process appears. Suggested additional variants of solutions (colours, compositions). Provided minimum 3-5 variants. Logo with an idea: text + symbol + slogan. Extensive business client, deep market and competitors research is necessary. Analysis of analogs. Suggested additional solutions ( colours, compositions). Provided minimum 3-5 variants.
20-30€ 150-250€ 300-1500€

Price depends on desires of client. If simple name or symbol is needed, for example, romb, price will be lower than price for difficult construction or when deep development is needed. Independently from logo design and it's difficulty, we use hardware, equipment and knowledge, which imply financial means. If client is planing to develop qualitative logo with concept, style guideline and visual identity - it is impossible to complete during 24h for 20 euro, because of several arguments. 

Logo development stages

  • Development and acceptance of the idea of logo – 3-16h
During this processe we listen all the desires and ideas of  the client (what they like, what is must included in logo, do they like some competitor's logo), including introduction of business field (name, services, target audience, competitors), which determine direction of the style of logo. Research of main idea, on which concept is based. 
  • Sketch development– 2-8 h

Creation of the first sketches - drawings of idea with pencil on paper. 

  • Logo sketch realization – 1-4 h
We choose best solutions from drawings, which reflect idea in the best way. Theay are scanned and  digitaly redrawing. If it is needed -  we make some graphical corrections.  
  • Font choice – 2-6 h
During this stage search for suitable font is happening. Selection from font shops or free font banks, which allow use fonts for the business purpose. There is opportunity of unique font development.
  • Colour choice - 1-6 h
The most suitable colour is chosen. It should reflect brand or company essence. It is cruicial to select colour from Pantone colour catalogue on the early stage to avoid some difficulties in future. Those colours provide opportunity to print using diffirent technologies, for example, screen printing. Colours match colour profile for printing (CMYK), as well as screen profile (RGB).  
  • Presentation and correction of logo (up to 3 corrections) – starting from 2 h
Presenting developed logo, there is possibility of situation, when corrections or nuance rework are necessary. However, keep in mind, that moving away from the first accepted variant - the price may increase. 
Creative and unusual approach to work, as well as the big experience of our specialists allows easily recognize client's desires and achieve the best solution for each client. Every customer is able to create qualitative and memorable logo. 
Apply now and create your own unique logo.
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