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Digital printing – on-demand printing

Urgent printing is separate branch of printing technologies where products are manufactured during one to three days but it is possible to manufacture products within one hour. Concepts of “urgent fast printing” and “digital printing” have become synonyms because printing products can be manufactured within couple of minutes by using digital devices. By using digital printing it is possible to get an impression practically on-demand. In digital printing there is no preprint stage – colour separation, making film or printing plates, setting of printing machine – without which offset printing is impossible. 

Fast digital printing helps to carry out almost every graphic arts idea fast and in good quality. 

Digital printing

It is qualitative full colour technique offering coloured printed materials with a run starting from one copy within the shortest deadline.

Digital printing is the most effective and cost-efficient with small runs which are not financially paying off and are technically difficult to be made in offset printing technique. Business cards, leaflets, flyers, brochures, posters, stickers, invitations, calendars, greeting cards and other printing production can be manufactured with digital printing technique.

Digital printing

Digital printing It is a perfect solution when it is needed to print quickly and in good quality. Digital printing machines support experimenting with different types of artistic papers and papers of different textures letting to receive unique printing sheets. Material choice for digital printing is very wide, it can be almost all types of papers or cardboards with flat or texture design, self adhesive paper or film. Maximum speed of digital printing can reach 2500 A3 sheets per hour. If the deadline has run out but you need a catalogue or brochure fast, we can manufacture on digital printing machines products of several pages for small and large runs. However it is a bit more expensive than offset printing and the price goes up with the time in which you need the product.  

Fast digital printing 

The main advantages of fast digital printing are the speed and possibility to print even a one copy of qualitative coloured production as well as small costs with small runs and possibilities to change content and/or colours during a printing process. 

Operative digital printing is letting to print business cards, catalogues, forms, writing-pads, notebooks, menus, stickers and other printing production in the shortest time possible.

The professionals in our printing plant offer not only digital printing but also qualitative postprint: cutting, laminating, binding, scoring, numbering, corner rounding and other postprint services. 

Technical specification

Digital printing

Konica Minolta bizhub PRESS C7000P

Paper sizes: A5-A3+
Maximum paper size: 330x487mm
Maximum image area: 320x480mm
Maximum banner size: 330x1200mm

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