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Screen printing or Serigraphy

Screen printing is a method for reproducing graphical images and text with the help of stencil during which colour gets on printable material corresponding to elements printed. Elements for printing are areas not covered by screen however elements which are not printed are covered with a layer that does not let ink through. 

Screen printing or SerigraphyScreen printing is one of the kinds of serigraphy where screen from silk (silk printing), synthetic textiles or metal is used for printing plates. Handmade or photomechanical drawn or cut printing plates are used in screen printing. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic printing methods are used in screen orienting. 

By using suitable colours practically all kinds of materials – paper, cardboard, glass, plastic, wood, metal, textile etc. – can be printed. 

Technological process allows printing on ready products: journals, folders etc. We use screen printing technique also for manufacturing business cards, stickers, envelopes, invitations and other production of advertising and souvenirs. 

With screen printing technology a thick layer of colour – from 8 to 1000 micrometers and more - can be gained whereas with offset printing it is 1 to 2 micrometers. As an advantage of screen printing can be mentioned relief effect which is achieved by the thick layer of colour. In screen printing different special effects – dimensions, glossy, imitation of rubber or velvet – can be achieved. Comparing to offset printing more saturated and glossy tints of colour can be achieved with screen printing. 

Price is acceptable with this kind of printing even if a run is small, however in terms of costs it is optimal to have a run starting from 100 copies. 

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