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Creasing - paper creasing services

Creasing - a process, in which straight, in-depth grooves are created in a thick sheet of paper or cardboard in places, where folds are intended.

Why creasing is necessary?

The appearance of the production depends on the quality of creasing. In the process of creasing the paper or cardboard will not crack, which helps to maintain lifetime of the production as long as possible. Usually creasing is performed on a cardboard, thick paper, film, plastic or other materials.
This service is very often used in the production of packaging, book covers, catalogues, magazines, POS materials, folders, etc.

Most often creasing is applicable in cases, when simple folding technology can damage the image of the product, this usually refers to high density cardboard and paper.

The quality of production, which consists of several thick sheets of paper, largely depends on the accuracy of folding (depends on the accuracy of the fold). The accuracy of folding can be obtained only with the help of creasing.

Indications about folding lines of creasing.

One of the main requirements for the layout of the production is following: the folding lines of the creasing must be obligatory indicated. It is a technological element, which is associated with the information of the service. The folding lines of the creasing need to be behind pre-cutting format, in the layout file.

Creasing is performed on Morgana AutoCreaser Pro 33. It is a fully automatic creasing machine with a vacuum feeding system and unique technology, which eliminates paper tearing.  

-    The working speed of the equipment reaches even up to 8500 A4 sheets per hour.

Our specialists have great experience in printing production and we are always ready to offer you a wide range of printing services. We will help you to choose the optimal option of creasing, folding or perforation and we will qualitatively and quickly execute any order at affordable prices. As the necessary work equipment is available on site, we guarantee operativeness and full work cycle on the spot.

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