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Paper folding - folding services

Folding - the process, in which paper or paperboard sheets are folded in certain places. The process of folding is used in the production of brochures, leaflets, cards, notebooks, postcards, invitation cards and other printing products, where multiple layers and folds are designed. The type, thickness and density of the paper have a significant impact on the number of folds.  The thinner and softer paper is, the more folds can be performed. Perforation is necessary to fold a very thick paper or to set an image in parts.  Owing to the process of perforation, it is possible to bend a very thick sheet of paper or large images without losing their quality.

Types of folding

Each printing production is characterized by its type of folding. For example, perpendicular folding is used for issuing books / magazines, whereas parallel folding - for issuing leaflets, in this case the options of folding may be different: folds adjacent to each other, but directed in different directions ("zigzag" type), overlapping folds, and folds with valves.

Folding is a quite specific process; clients usually need also other printing services beside this service. For example, in order to fold something, first of all it has to be printed out. We offer a wide range of printed products, besides, if you use our printing services, the costs of folding will be significantly reduced (the costs will be reduced).

The process of folding is performed on Uchida AeroFold MBM 1500S Air Suction Folder. It is a fully automatic machine with a vacuum feeding system. The vacuum belt allows processing any type of paper.

- 6 built-in folding programs;

- The operating speed of the equipment is up to 15 000 sheets per hour.

Our specialists have great experience in printing production and we are always ready to offer you a wide range of printing services. We will help you to choose the optimal option of creasing, folding or perforation and we will qualitatively and quickly execute any order at affordable prices. As the necessary work equipment is available on site, we guarantee operativeness and full work cycle on the spot.

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