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Glueing – glue binding

The most common type of binding is glue binding without stitching. This type of binding fits printed matter such as books, catalogues, brochures and books or magazines.  The advantage of glue binding without stiching is its cost-efectiveness and fast production. 
Glue binding of catalogues, books, reviews and magazines is performed on the hot-melt binder MAMO Lega 420.
Glue binding of catalogues, books, reviews and magazines The professional hot-melt binder MAMO Lega 420 performs glueing of  paper blocks with or without a cover, with coated, offset, matte or glossy  paper.  
 The new model of the hot-melt binder operates paper blocks up to 420mm  length and 50mm thickness and the thickness of the cover up to 70 līdz 400  gr./m2. In terms of persistance, it does not fall behind PUR-adhesive  (polyurethane reactive or polyurethane).
 With the help of MAMO Lega 420 binder, it is possible to produce  printing products with a soft cover, a hard cover or no cover, for example,  notebooks or check books.
With the help of the powerful pressing mechanism, it is possible to obtain a high quality product without cover creasing, which makes the process faster and cheaper.  
The operator with the help of "touch-screen" interface can easily choose the necessary operation mode: to adjust milling, notching depth, the height of glue feeding and the power of cover clamp. When MAMO Lega 420 is set in the necessary mode, at first it operates in manual mode but then all processes become automatic. The option of chip vacuum is included.  

Technical specifications of the hot-melt binder MAMO Lega 420:
Processing: milling, notching, hot glueing.
Glue binding from a minimum thickness of 1mm to a maximum of 50mm. 
Maximal length of the binding (book format) to 420 mm.
Cover clamp: automatic, adjustable.
Paper thickness / cover thickness: 70 – 400 g / m2 / 2mm.
Production: up to 180 units per hour.
Operating mode: manual/automatic.
Warm-up time: 30 minutes.
Dust vacuum: included chip and dust vacuum from the work area in a detachable bag. 
Pricing of glue binding 
Adjusting 25 EUR+PVN
The price of glueing per 1 unit from 0.70 EUR+WAT 

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