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Hole punching in printing

Punching is an important and integral technological process for the production of various printing products.

Punching through drilling equipment is possible:

  • Thick cardboard
  • Conventional cardboard
  • Paper
Hole drilling is used when printing:
  • Brochures
  • Labels
  • Calendars
  • Folders
  • Blanks
  • Other types of printing products
Special equipment with a single drill head is used to make holes and is operated in manual mode. The hole should be at least 5 mm from the edge of the sheet.
Mostly drilled holes are round. The diameter of the drill depends on the density and thickness of the material. The drill with a diameter of 3-5 mm is most often used.
You can also order punching as a separate service.
Punching price
100 pieces: 5 EUR + VAT
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