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Metal spiral binding

Function and types of binding

Documents consisting of several sheets or relating to a particular subject are usually conveniently to hold in a certain order and in one place. For this purpose they are bonded, intertwined, or placed in a folder. Bended documents are very various: accounting, banking, legal documents, reports, presentations, projects, awards, dissertations, booklets, notebooks, journals, albums, books - all these documents consist of the fastened and located in a certain order pages. Cover is one of the design elements and characterized by what exactly it holds. There are various types of cover: hard, soft, thermal, on the bracket or springs, etc.

How the metal spiral binding is made?

Metal spiral binding

When printing is often used the coiling spiral binding. This type of binding is very popular and provides good edition detection and easy reading.

Metal spiral binding is widely used in a variety of print publications since it is very convenient not only for graduation papers and documents, but also for printing promotional products, calendars, brochures, notebooks.

The binding device is equipped with the puncher which can punch holes with the necessary step in the fastened unit, and also the device of coiling of a spiral in the punched holes. We realize metal spiral binding using the Reco systems WB6 machine. Below are the product specifications for metal spiral binding.

Reco systems WB6

Manual combined device for binding (perforation for a metal spiral helix and closing)
- Step 3:01 for helix diameter Ø 5.5 to 14.3 mm (3 /16 " - 9/ 16")
- Simultaneous 25 sheets perforation (hole: 4x4 mm )
- Thickness of binding up to 120 sheets (12 mm)
- A4 - 34 holes
- Adjustable offset from the page edge to punching
- Availability of disconnected punches ALL

Material binding prices:

Binding hardcover: 1-5 pcs.: 30 EUR/pc.
Binding paperbacks: 1-5 pcs.: 6 EUR/pc.
Staple: 1-5 pcs.: 1 EUR/pc.

Price for binding in metal spiral

Binding till 30 A4 sides of the page, 80 gr.:
1pc. – 1,50 EUR
10 pcs. – 0,50 EUR
100 pcs. – 40 EUR

*Price for binding more than 30 A4 pages on individual request.

VAT is not included in the price.
The larger the circulation, the lower the cost for 1 piece.

High circulation rates are calculated on individual request.

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