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Notching in printing

Notching is used in printing to manufacture printing production of different forms with certain template. Notching is possible on different materials: cardboard, paper, plastics, film etc. It is used for making cardboard boxes, folders, packaging, labels, POS materials, envelopes, original postcards, calendars and other productions.

Die cutting machines are the most used and functional for notching because they can do several different operations in one time: notching, perforation, folding. Some models of die cutting machines can perform hot foil print. A special sharp edged notching is needed for the process which is done by a stroke of certain form.

We offer notching of all forms and configurations.

Cutting costs:

Cutting – from 35 EUR (up to 1000 B3 sheets)
Perforation – 0,1 EUR/piece + run adjustment costs: 5 EUR (up to 1000 folds).

+ Attachment costs: 5 EUR (up to 1000 Bucks).
+ The cutting form is additionally charged

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