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Square folding -  post press operation that gives rectangular form to the book’s spine. This technology is unique and rare for Latvian market, because square folding requires special equipment. Our typography possesses this equipment. Using it we are able to help our clients to achieve excellent quality and complete view of the products!
Printed product, for example, brochure or diary, becomes flat, which makes product more attractive and removes disadvantage of concavity.  As a result, product saves durability on account of a stapled finish, but it looks so accurate as glue fastening was used.
Square folding gives to the book’s, notebook’, clipboard's or to the other printed product spine appealing and more presentable look.  
During processing fold is affected and squeezed by special roll, at the same time not damaging printing. 
Our typography uses modern equipment for square folding of the book’s spine. Morgana 104 Squarefolder is able to process up to 2000 blocks per hour, which size is from 100x120 up to 240x325 mm. Squarefolder Morgana may work as separate device and in one line with BM60/61 Bookletmaker. 
We provide our clients opportunity to use square folding as separate procedure on the final stage of product development, or to trust us all production stages. 
Contact us to know more about possibilities and prices on this procedure! .: +371 27863280
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