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Booklet printing

Booklet is paper sheet printed on both sides, folded two or several bends. Usually booklets are manufactured from chalk paper on size A4 or A3 with density of 115-200 grams per cubic meters. 

Format is convenient and costs are low therefore booklet printing is one of the most popular kinds of printing. Advertising booklets and leaflets are perfect for spreading basic information of your company. It is traditional method for good pr service in exhibitions and other places for advertising campaign. 

Designing of booklet

Booklet-booklet printingDesigning is very important for booklet printing. When designing a booklet it is important to take into account specifics of company, its production and company style. Design of advertising booklets has to be caching so it attracts interest of potential clients immediately, making them wish to get acquainted with information in a booklet.

Our designers will create design and layout of printed production.

Booklets - more samples here >>>

Mock-up and design development costs consist of:

1. The collection of information about the company/profession/area/product;
2. Development of ideas, design, sketches, and visual design establishment;
3. Process of mock-up and design development is connected work, therefore, in this stage design is being developed - text, images and other graphic elements are adjusted to required size according to bleeds, crop marks and other requirements that are important to create a valid file (any printing product, web materials or logo). Usually, we develop 2-3 mock-up variants.

Layout development’s hourly rate - 20.00 EUR, hourly rate may vary depending on the workload.
For larger printing materials (calendars, books, magazines) design development hourly rate is lower.

For more information about the mock-up and design development prices here >>>

Booklet production prices

4+4 booklet (full color two sided printing), 170g paper
25 pcs. – 29,25 EUR (price for all order)
50 pcs. – 51,25 EUR (price for all order)
100 pcs. – 60 EUR (price for all order)
200 pcs. - 90 EUR (price for all order)
300 pcs. - 135 EUR (price for all order)
500 pcs. - 160 EUR (price for all order)
1000 pcs. - 220 EUR (price for all order)

Development of printing advertising products – booklets’, brochures’, flyers’, business cards’, envelopes’, forms’, notepads’ design: from 35 EUR.

VAT and development of the design are not included in the price.
We offer to develop design for Your company’s promotional materials. 

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