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Designing and printing of posters

Poster and banner usually is wide format advertising image with short text, which is made for agitation, advertising, informative or educational objectives. Usually they are placed in shops, exhibitions, stands and other public places. Poster is useful way of attracting consumer’s attention and it can be used as colourful and bright POS material. Posters are one of outdoor advertising kinds. The main task of posters, placards and banners is to create certain attitude of potential customers.

Designing of posters

Posters-posters printingDesigning of posters is the first stage in poster manufacturing. A poster has to be visible from distance, it has to be easy to understand and perceived. Font, colour and layout are important for text on poster. Posters with original design, effective and bright colouring have strong influence on potential client, people use to stop to study information on such poster more carefully.

Mock-up and design development costs consist of:

1.The collection of information about the company/profession/area/product;
2. Development of ideas, design, sketches, and visual design establishment;
3. Process of mock-up and design development is connected work, therefore, in this stage design is being developed - text, images and other graphic elements are adjusted to required size according to bleeds, crop marks and other requirements that are important to create a valid file (any printing product, web materials or logo). Usually, we develop 2-3 mock-up variants.

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Printing of posters

When typesetting of a poster is made and customer has approved it, the next stage of printing process – manufacturing of a poster - can be started. Objective and usage of a product has to be determined before choosing method of printing. Information about issue and deadlines is needed as well. Price of posters depends on technologies used.

Posters (130 g paper)

A4 100 pcs. – 37 EUR
A3 100 pcs. – 55 EUR

Posters (170 g paper)

B1 50 pcs. – 199,20 EUR
B1 100 pcs. – 213,43 EUR

We will develop up to date, original, effective design according to Your company’s style.
Price of the service: from 30 EUR.
VAT is not included in the price.

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