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Table cards printing

Making table cards is possible in different sizes, shapes, colors, designs, etc. They will complement the mood and concept of your chosen holiday theme.
Table cards are an opportunity to tastefully complement a festive table at any celebration, such as a wedding, anniversary, official reception, etc. They make it easy for guests to find a place at the table, making their arrival at the party comfortable and later retaining it as a souvenir and memory of the event.
As you know, preparing for a wedding, an anniversary, a variety of other events is a long and tiring process in which you can even forget elementary things in a hurry, but everything must be thoughtful to the point. That's why our typography will help you to make it easier and more enjoyable to prepare for the important event and to create table card that fit your needs.

Table cards design and printingTable cards

Methods for executing table card printing may include offset, silk screen printing,
digital, printing, embossing, foil stamping. The materials used in the production of table cards are diverse: glossy or matte paper, designer or plain paper and other materials.
Depending on the theme of the holiday, it is possible to supplement the design of the table cards with printed text, for example, you can print thank-you words for guests on wedding table cards.
Table Card examples >>>
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