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Tag and price tag production

We develop designs and produce labels, tags, and price tags for clothing and other goods.
Textile tags - nylon, polyester, polyamide, satin, cotton, "brand tag" and jacquard.
We use varied printing tehnologies: thermal, flexo printing, offset printing, digital printing, and embroidering.

Any goods "business card" is its etiquette. Beautiful, accurately and thoughtfully created tag design not only provide information about a product, its quality, and use, but also characterizes the company and its owner.

By correctly organized information on the etiquette, the manufacturer gives the customer the opportunity to obtain information about the fabric composition and care, thus extending the life of the product. Price tags, product labels, etiquettes and tags are designed for clothing, linen and other textile products labeling.

We produce different types of tags, labels, etiquettes, and price tags.
We use a wide range of materials to create a beautiful and high-quality jacquard, satin, nylon, woven labels, cardboard tags and paper price tags.

Cardboard tags and paper labels

We produce cardboard tags by using high quality cardboard or paper. We suggest matt or glossy laminate in order to make etiquettes more resistant and so that they repel dirt and moisture.

Paper tags usually are used for adding barcode and price of the goods so that the package would not be damaged also they function as promotional material, and as place for information about the product.

Price for cardboard tag printing:

  • 100 pcs. (4 + 0) – 10 EUR*
  • 100 pcs. (4 +4) – 15 EUR*
  • Laminate coating 100 pcs. - 5.00 EUR*
  • Corner rounding 100 pcs. - 5.00 EUR*
  • Creation of holes – 5.00 EUR*

Textile labels and etiquettes

Nylon bands - synthetic polymer fabric impregnated with a special compound that reduces static electricity label, during the printing make textile braids’ surface smooth as paper.

Satin ribbons - a specially woven so that one half is perfectly smooth and glossy, while the other surface is coarser. This is particularly resistant material, and satin tag is softer and more pleasant in touch with the body than nylon.

These are two the most commonly used textile materials for printing on braids. But we also print on other textile materials.

*Price for tag printing into 1 colour from 1 side:
We use cold knife for cutting tags but satin material tends to disintegrate,
therefore it is necessary to tuck the ends of the tags.

  • 100 pcs.– ~ 25 EUR*
  • 200 pcs.– ~ 29 EUR*
  • 500 pcs.. - ~ 47 EUR*
  • 1000 pcs. - ~ 50 EUR*
  • Production time: 2-14 working days.

*Price for tag printing in many colours:
We offer also tag cutting with hot knife in order to avoid etiquettes’ ends disintegration.

  • 500 pcs.. - ~ 50 EUR*
  • 1000 psc. - ~55 EUR*
  • 2000 psc. - ~ 79 EUR*
  • Production time: 14-20 working days.

*Price for the woven jacquard tags:

  • 500 psc. - ~ 220 EUR*
  • 1000 psc. - ~ 249 EUR*
  • 2000 psc. - ~ 334 EUR*
  • Production time: 15-20 working days.


*Price for printing on “Brand tags”:
Colorful, high-quality, dense satin tags (available in different colors).
Belt width: 6 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm.

  • 1000 psc. - ~ 90 EUR*
    Production time: 7-14 working days.

The main purpose of the tags is to provide customer with maximal information about product, give recommendations on the use of it, to introduce with product’s characteristics, as well as be as a brand for advertising.

*Price for developing design:

  • Designing from 15 EUR*
  • Mock-up from 5 EUR*
  • Improvement of mock-up (preparing for printing, making some changes) from 3 EUR*

Mock-up and design development costs consist of:

1. The collection of information about the company/profession/area/product;
2. Development of ideas, design, sketches, and visual design establishment;
3. Process of mock-up and design development is connected work, therefore, in this stage design is being developed - text, images and other graphic elements are adjusted to required size according to bleeds, crop marks and other requirements that are important to create a valid file (any printing product, web materials or logo). Usually, we develop 2-3 mock-up variants.
4. Next step – mock-up’s alignment with the client, making of the necessary changes to the mock-up and re-alignment with the customer until the final approval is obtained.

For more information about the mock-up and design development prices here >>>

* Price may vary depending on size and number of printing colors.

The larger the circulation, the lower the cost per one peace.
Prices do not include VAT and mock-up.

Tag samples You can see in our office or in gallery >>>

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